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Real Estate Agents Get More High Trust High Conversion Referrals

Using Strategic Marketing That’s Efficient, Effective And Enjoyable


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Testimonials from Happy Clients

You make it feel like fun. I still feel like me, natural. Not like other marketing coaching programs that felt forced.

Anh Jorgensen, Realtor

Working with my ideal clients has helped my income to increase while my transactions decrease, leaving me to have more personal time with friends and family! It’s a good life, and thanks to Roberta, I no longer feel like I have to work 24/7.

Razelle Smith, Realtor




Around 2015 in my mortgage career, I could see the handwriting on the wall. It wasn’t just going all digital. It was going all marketing.

We had marketing alright. But it looked exactly like everybody else’s pre-paid, canned and branded, boring stuff.

I did what any normal person would do . . . Booked a marketing workshop given by the top Google Ads guy. He literally wrote the book on it. Everyone else there was nodding along while I tried to hold back a desperate sob. I WAS SO FAR BEHIND!

Several years and many dollars later, I have learned and practiced what you dear realtor (mortgage marketer) need to know. Is this everything you could possibly know? No. This all you need for effective, efficient and enjoyable marketing that actually works.


Real Estate Agents

Get More High Trust

High Conversion Referrals